Zeitlin Szena I Khasidikhi tanets f dur

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Composer: Zeitlin, Leo, 1884-1930 (Lev Mordukhov Tseitlin)
   Country of origin: Russia
Title: Szena I Khasidikhi tanets f dur for String Quartet and Clarinet
   Other titles:
Year(s) composed: 1922
Duration (in minutes):
Clarinet type:
Note: Jerusalem Rubin Academy; see comment below

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  1. A member of the Society for Jewish Folk Music in St Petersburg, Russia, Leo Zeitlin (1884-1930) was known almost exclusively for Eli Zion, a classic of Jewish art-music. Zeitlin died only seven years after emigrating to New York, still a young man, and his reputation languished until the recent discovery of a trunk full of scores brought his music back to light. This album attempts to remedy decades of neglect, especially for his charismatic Yiddish song-settings for voice, strings and piano, powerful declamations of spoken Yiddish and Russian poetry underscored by Romantic piano music, all of which points to a once popular but now forgotten genre. The Festival musicians of the Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival are the highest-caliber local professionals; players for the orchestral and chamber-music concerts include members of the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Pittsburgh Opera and Ballet Orchestras, and university faculty members. In its eleven seasons since its founding by cellist Aron Zelkowicz the PJMS has programmed over 130 pieces of classical chamber and orchestral music inspired by Jewish traditions. The recordings on this CD series represent a six-year project devoted to the St Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music and its affiliated Russian composers

    Source: By Calloway; Guechev; Rabbani; Pittsburgh Jewish Festival. By Leo Zeitlin. Classical. 1 listening CD. Published by Toccata Classics (NX.TOCC0294). Item Number: NX.TOCC0294

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