Adams (Christopher) F.S.M. Hallelujah


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Composer: Adams, Christopher, 1979-
   Country of origin: New Zealand
Title: F.S.M.Hallelujah for clarinet and string quartet
   Other titles:
Year(s) composed: 2011
Publisher: SOUNZ
Duration (in minutes): 12
Clarinet type: B-flat
Note: See comment below: Written for Anna McGregor

One thought on “Adams (Christopher) F.S.M. Hallelujah

  1. “F.S.M. could stand for: Fabricated Sheet Metal; Fault Summary Message; Federated States of Micronesia; Female Seeking Male; Fiji School of Medicine; Financial Services Marketing; Finite-state machine; Fire Safety Manager; Flying Spaghetti Monster; Franciscan Sisters of Mary; Free Speech Movement; Frequency Shift Modulation; Full Screen Mode and at least 250 other possibilities. Hallelujah is used to express praise or joy. It is conceivable that the title of this piece has some relevance to the music. It is less likely that this programme note will help the audience to determine the relevance of the title or compositional intent of the composer.”–SOUNZ website.

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