Cannon (Chad) 13660 Vignettes

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Composer: Cannon, Chad, 1985 -
   Country of origin: United States
Title: Citizen 13660 - Vignettes- Clarinet with String Quartet
   Other titles:
   Movements: See comment section for list of movements.
Year(s) composed: 2014
Publisher: Unpublished
Duration (in minutes): 13
Clarinet type: B-flat
Note: See comment below

One thought on “Cannon (Chad) 13660 Vignettes

  1. Movements: “We were outnumbered;” “The wind was playing havoc with the fine dust particles;” “Trying to forget…just staring up at the sky?;” “Rumors:…the San Francisco Bay Bridge had been blown up; “The clanging of thirty -six makeshift iron bells…;” “We were close to freedom and yet far from it.;” “A memorial service to honor a Japanese American soldier.;” “There was only the desert now.”

    Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University for the Farallon Quintet.

    Score contains extensive notes from the composer.


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