Forghieri Dramatis personae

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Composer: Forghieri, Giuliano, 1961 -
   Country of origin: Italy
Title: Dramatis personae: (Dance, dance, dance) for clarinet and string quartet
   Other titles:
   Movements: Love; Respect; Truth
Year(s) composed: 2018
Publisher: Giuliano Forghieri Published: Bologna' Ut Orpheus 2020
Duration (in minutes): 16
Clarinet type: A
Note: For Gaia, Daniela and Irene; See comment below

One thought on “Forghieri Dramatis personae

  1. First performance: March, 2019 in Carpi*, Italy. Giuliano Forghieri, clarinet with the Arabesque String Quartet. *Carpi (Province of Modena)

    “This music is about my life and the few special “Dramatis Personae” (the “Characters” in my own “Show”) that make it worthwhile; Dance, dance, dance is a citation of Murakami Haruki, which I feel like an invitation to resilience, and the three movement titles summarize my feelings towards my wife Daniela and our two daughters. In my intentions, all three movements are “dance” music, in a somewhat dramatic way, strenuous and full of difficulties, both technically and metaphorically.”
    Giuliano Forghieri


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