Froelich Blue Fire

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Composer: Froelich, Kenneth D.
   Country of origin: United States
Title: Blue Fire for Clarinet Quintet
   Other titles:
Year(s) composed: 2003
Publisher: JOMAR Press
Duration (in minutes): 11
Clarinet type: B-flat
Note: See comment below

2 thoughts on “Froelich Blue Fire

  1. Blue Fire is inspired by two different sources – the blue note harmonies of traditional jazz, and the volatile, ultimately self-destructive nature of fire. These two sources propel the work through a series of continuous variations, each based upon a fragment of a theme presented at the beginning of the work. However, unlike traditional variation form, a second theme over takes the first theme through the course of the work, and eventually assists in “burning-up” the work, so to speak. This catalytic theme is briefly presented within the first dance-like variation, but is the only element to survive in the end, rising up through a slowly descending texture reminiscent of the falling ash. (Source, score)

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