Hutter Companion Piece

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Composer: Hutter,Gregory, 1971-
   Country of origin: United States
Title: Companion Piece: for clarinet and string quartet
   Other titles:
Year(s) composed: 2010
Publisher: Verona, NJ : Hutter Music : Distributed by Subito Music Corp.
Duration (in minutes): 10
Clarinet type: B-flat
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One thought on “Hutter Companion Piece

  1. Companion Piece was commissioned by the Chicago-based Anaphora Ensemble. They requested a work to be programmed alongside the infamous Mozart and Brahms clarinet quintets – the latter of which appropriates thematic materials from the former. I have continued this tradition – as many other composers have done so in writing for this combination – basing my piece on thematic materials fond in both the Brahms and Mozart quintets, sometimes in very subtle ways, other times less so. In composing this musical “portrait’ of these two composers, I have employed a predominately diatonic harmonic vocabulary throughout, though rarely deferring to traditional chord construction, harmonic progression and voice-leading procedures. Companion Piece is set in a single-movement form consisting of three main sections: a spirited and brisk middle section offsets the elegiac and melancholic mood of the two outer sections. (Composer’s program notes: Gregory Hutter)

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