Kaipainen Quintet, Op. 59A

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Composer: Kaipainen, Jouni, 1956 - 2015
   Country of origin: Finland
Title: Clarinet Quintet, Op. 59A
   Other titles:
   Movements: Allegretto; Adagio; Nyo ze honmak kykyo {that is, kukyo} to; Allegro
Year(s) composed: 2000
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen; Music Finland
Duration (in minutes): 35
Clarinet type: B-flat (contra bass)
Note: See comment below

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  1. For clarinet (contrabass clarinet), two violins (second violin also plays crotales), viola (dabachi and crotales), and cello (crotales).
    Each part printed in a volume with several additional loose sheets to facilitate page turns (clarinet, (+4 leaves), violin 1 (+4 leaves), violin 2 (+4 leaves), viola (+2 leaves), cello (+4 leaves).
    3rd movement also available in version for clarinet with string orchestra (op. 59b).
    Source: Worldcat

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