Luedeke An der schonen blauen Donau (Arr)

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Composer: Luedeke, Raymond, 1944 -
   Country of origin: United States
Title: An der schonen blauen Donau (Arr)
   Other titles: Beautiful Blue Danude (Arr)
Year(s) composed: 2014
Publisher: American Composers Alliance
Duration (in minutes): 7
Clarinet type: A
Note: Alternative B-flat clarinet part included; see comment below

One thought on “Luedeke An der schonen blauen Donau (Arr)

  1. This is an arrangement of Johann Strauss Jr.’s famous waltz sequence, The Blue Danube. Composer Ray Luedeke has added a few touches of his own, more or less consistent with Strauss’ style, to make this into a piece of chamber music, with independent parts. It is especially meant as an encore piece in a concert with string quartet and clarinet. For example, the Brahms clarinet quintet, lovely as it is, does not have a rousing finish. Added as an encore, the Blue Danube will give the concert a rousing finish. Source: American Composer’s Alliance

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