Samama Klarinetkwintet, Op. 51

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Composer: Samama, Leo, 1951-
   Country of origin: Netherlands
Title: Klarinetkwintet
   Other titles: Clarinet Quintet, Op 51
   Movements: Poco andante; Tempo poco allegro; Molto tranquillo e misterioso; Tempo poco allegro plus coda
Year(s) composed: 1998
Publisher: Donemus, Amsterdam
Duration (in minutes): 23
Clarinet type: B-flat
Note: Image page 13 of score (score in C); See comment below

1 thought on “Samama Klarinetkwintet, Op. 51

  1. The Clarinet Quintet was written in February and March 1998 as a commission by the International Festival for Jewish Music for the commemoration of the 50th birthday of the State of Israel. The basic material consists of a short passage from the Ki Hu L’waddô by Abraham Katz, to be found in the Amsterdam Chazzanut edited by Hans Bloemendal. The phrase used reflects on the new land Zion: “ôr chodosh al tsiyôn toir w’nizkeh choelonu m’heiroh l’ôrô” (“O cause a new light to shine upon Zion, and may we all be worthy soon to enjoy its brightness”)
    Recorded in 2001 by the Valerius Ensemble, André Kerver, clarinet.

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