Starer Kil zimer

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Composer: Starer, Robert, 1924-2001
   Country of origin: United States
Title: Kli zmer for B-flat clarinet (bass clarinet) and string quartet
   Other titles:
   Movements: T'filoth = Prayers; Rikudim = Dances; Manginot = Melodies; Hakdashoth = Dedications
Year(s) composed: 1982 (rev.2002)
Publisher: Maryland Heights, Mo.; Lauren Keiser, Milwaukee, WI, distre
Duration (in minutes):
Clarinet type: B-flat; Bass
Note: See comment below

One thought on “Starer Kil zimer

  1. Bass clarinet is optional in movements three and four. Composer’s notes in score.
    The original work is for clarinet and orchestra, 1982, but was revised for clarinet and string quartet in 2002. The clarinet is the same in both versions.

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