The Entries

Overview of how  a clarinet quintet entry is formatted:

Neukomm Quintett in B-dur, Op.8sample entry

For the publication of each composition, the following information is given, as available or known:

  1. Score – A sample page from the score of the composition, or the clarinet part if the score is unavailable. Sample is limited to one page for copyright protection. Click on the score image for a larger image.
  2. Composer – the Library of Congress name authority of the composer or arranger, including life dates.
  3. Country of origin – The composer’s country or countries of origin.
  4. Title – The full title of the composition from the featured publication.
  5. Other titles – Other titles used to identify this composition, especially from other languages or different publications.
  6. Movements –The movements of the composition, if any.
  7. Year(s) composed – The year or years in which the composition was written.
  8. Publisher – The publisher or publishers of each composition. The publisher of the featured publication is listed first.
  9. Duration (in minutes) – The estimated time of performance, rounded up to the nearest minute.
  10. Clarinet type – The type or types of clarinets used in the composition.
  11. Note – Ancillary and significant information about the composition not listed above.
  12. Comments – Below the main entry, other information may be included in the comments, information such as such as links to sound clips, premiers, reviews, links to published reviews, and links to public domain versions of the music.

The Clarinet Quintet web catalog welcomes suggestions, thoughts and additional, verifiable information about any entry in the site.  If you see information that you believe incorrect or incomplete, please leave your comment on the entry page for review and inclusion in the entry.  The Clarinet Quintet web catalog includes the International Clarinet Association Score Collection which can be accessed under Browse by Category.  Additionally, when a sample page from the score is not yet available, an image of art work created by Mr. Roger Haile will appear.