The Project

This online catalog is a continuing project to bring together all repertoire that exists for this genre. The project seeks to offer complete, authoritative data relative to each composition and to demonstrate the totality of the genre. To that end, the site allows for, and welcomes, comments, verifiable corrections, and appropriate ancillary information that may help illuminate a better understanding of an individual work or the entirety of the repertoire.

This online catalog evolved from the site creator’s personal catalog listing is over 900 works for clarinet quintet collected over decades of a professional career in chamber music and clarinet performance. The project will continue to grow as works are regularly entered not only from the site creator’s collected catalog listings but from the most recent and reliable data available for new works or newly discovered works.

The project welcomes input from composers who have written for the genre, or would like to, and will share those thoughts, observations and comments within the catalog entries.  Additionally, the project seeks comments and observations from musicians who have performed, premiered or recorded works in this catalog as well as from listeners, concert goers or from anyone who shares the passion of chamber music and the genre of the clarinet quintet.