Molyneux Quintet in A minor

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Composer: Molyneux, Garth E. (Garth Eckert), 1958-
   Country of origin: United States
Title: Clarinet Quintet in A minor
   Other titles:
   Movements: Quasi Cadenza - Allegro con moto; Allegretto; Vivace
Year(s) composed: 2012
Publisher: Unpublished; available from composer
Duration (in minutes): 15
Clarinet type: A; extended A bassett clarinet
Note: Written for extend A clarinet (basset clarinet) with revised part of standard A clarinet

One thought on “Molyneux Quintet in A minor

  1. The version for basset clarinet in A was prompted by a comment from Don Oehler indicating he had a basset clarinet that would go down to a low “C”, and so I wrote the piece with that capability in mind. So that other clarinetists could use this work, I changed some passages by transposing them up an octave so that a standard clarinet in A would be able to accommodate the range. The harmonic language of the piece started out very adventurous but became more traditional as the piece progressed. The work was written in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Chapel Hill Chamber Music Workshop, where it received its premier. The first movement was performed on an evening concert during that 20th anniversary workshop. Upon hearing the first movement performed, I realized there needed to be a second and third movement to this piece. Those two movements were premiered at the final concert of the following year’s workshop.

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