Regtien “Klarinettenquintett in A”

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Composer: Regtien, Maarten, 1963 -
   Country of origin: Netherlands
Title: "Klarinettenquintett in A"
   Other titles: Clarinet Quintet
   Movements: Part I - Adagio; Part II - Bebopalula; Part III - Ushuaia Ushuaia; Part IV - Die Lustige George; Part V - Porco Preto
Year(s) composed: 2018
Publisher: Muziek Centrum Nederland / Music Center the Netherlands
Duration (in minutes): 21
Clarinet type: A
Note: See comment below

2 thoughts on “Regtien “Klarinettenquintett in A”

  1. It (Klarinettenquintet) resembles my pre-occupation with decoupling of the main melody from the other melodies / harmonies.
    This can be heard the clearest in part 3 “Ushuaia Ushuaia” which is inspired by a lot of African pop music in where to my ear it seems the singing voice is total independant of the music. Btw, a lot of organ music of JS Bach is perceived by me in the exactly the same way. Source: composer

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