Mozart Allegro in F

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Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1757-1791
   Country of origin: Austria
Title: Allegro in F for clarinet, basset horn, violin, viola, and cello
   Other titles:
   Movements: Allegro
Year(s) composed: unknown
Publisher: Boethius Press
Duration (in minutes): 8
Clarinet type: C; basset horn (alternate B-flat; bass)
Note: Images include pages 1 and 20 of score; Reconstructed by Philip Wilby (1949-); See comment below

One thought on “Mozart Allegro in F

  1. “KV Anh. 90 (580b)”
    Intended as 1st movement of quintet, bars 1-45, 58-65, 89-102 completed by Mozart; the remainder of exposition partially composed by him and completed by Wilby; development and recapitulation composed by Wilby. Based on the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe series 8, workgroup 19, part 2 (Bärenreiter)

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